randy.jpg (17528 bytes)President, master sculptor and mould maker Randy Koufalis, has over 20 years experience in sculpting and design. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia where he continues to reside. Randy blends old motifs and traditions with his own unique style to create both functional and decorative works of art. Randy began his career by producing intricately detailed sculptures for use in the production of his many award winning, three dimensional clay animated films. Much success with film festivals and childrens television series led Randy to create RK Productions. Over the years, as Randy’s interests and talents broadened, RK Productions evolved into a company that produces a growing collection of beautifully hand cast stone sculptures, brackets, wall ornaments, mirrors, candle holders, garden critters and gargoyles. Randy is responsible for creating over 80% of all RK Productions sculptures. As well he laboriously builds every mould that is used to reproduce all of our pieces. RK Productions is a stunning celebration of artistry and imagination, that is captured in stone, timeless for all to enjoy.

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  Sculptor Robbie Roberts, inspired by a love of medieval gothic architecture and sculpture, creates elaborately detailed gargoyles, sconces and plaques. Using his own aesthetic flair, he skillfully creates original works of art exclusively for RK Productions. Rob’s ability to create goes beyond just sculpture, he also has over 5 years of product design education. Determination and the need to be constantly challenged in the design process helped bring rob where he is today.  We take particular pride in the harmonious composition which characterizes Rob’s sculptural works.